We are seeking postdocs and students ! Given the interdisciplinary projects in our lab, we welcome those from a wide variety of backgrounds including biophysics, cell biology, synthetic biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, soft matter physics, and engineering, having a strong interest in bridging the gap between molecular and cellular dynamics using the bottom-up approach. If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact Makito Miyazaki.




Overseas post-doctoral researchers are eligible to apply for the fellowships listed below:

For details, please feel free to contact Makito Miyazaki.



New! 連携大学院教育協定に基づき、2024年度より信州大学大学院 総合医理工学研究科の学生の受け入れを開始しました。信州大学に在籍しながら当研究室にて研究活動を行うことが可能です。入学時だけでなく年度途中での受け入れも可能ですので、興味のある方はご相談ください。[詳細]

We welcome PhD students ! PhD students from Japanese or overseas universities can apply for RIKEN's International Program Associate (IPA). PhD students from the USA, Canada, and Europe are eligible to apply for JSPS Short-term Program. PhD students from France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Canada are eligible to apply for JSPS Summer Program. All the programs offer financial support for the students during their stay in our lab.